Can a small credit union compete successfully in a very crowded marketplace?

Making less. Spending less. Saving more.

It’s a fact. American consumers are making less, spending less and saving more. Your credit union will need to assess the potential for growth going forward. Rethink the way you deliver services, the products you offer, your relationship with members and your role in the community.

In the webinar we’ve included here, see how to successfully define your highest-propensity target audience.

Let’s face it. Virtually every credit union in this country is a “small” financial institution when compared to the megalithic banks and lenders you’re competing with. Your credit union does not have the resources to compete for “everyone out there,” so you must target a prospective audience that is best for your growth strategy with laser-like precision. We’ll show you how.

In addition, to compete effectively for the long haul, we’ll talk about what your most desirable prospective member looks like going forward.

Define the gap. Close the gap. Bridge the gap.

We’ll discuss how to develop a holistic, comprehensive brand launch strategy to re-introduce the credit union to your staff, your members and to prospective members by using “custom-packaged” gateway products in the brand launch messaging strategy.

Brand awareness vs. Brand affinity

Universal appeal doesn’t work anymore. Find out how brand positioning can significantly increase engagement, leverage member relationships and use digital media to target high-propensity prospective members. To understand more, you’ll see ways to create an emotional and visceral brand through design.

Your credit union can compete victoriously.

The following webinar was presented to credit union members of CrossState Solutions in Fall 2020. We think you’ll find its contents as germane now and invite you to check it out.