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Case Study

Credit Union of New Jersey

  • Trenton, NJ
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Originally chartered by New Jersey Department of Transportation employees, Credit Union of New Jersey (CU of NJ) had no idea whether they had any name or brand equity. They just knew that their member acquisition initiatives were falling flat, as were net deposits and loan growth. Through extensive research—both internal and external—we uncovered a negative interpretation to their existing brand, not so much the name itself. The generic, bureaucratic, but meek logo and color palette was exacerbated by the lack of any value proposition. And, none of this even began to showcase what a vibrant, retail-friendly financial institution the credit union really was. CU of NJ desperately needed to rediscover themselves.
That’s where Raoust+Partners came in. While we did explore possible new names early on, it became clear in our research that if we could tie the whole state to what is essentially a Ewing Township/Trenton credit union, we could position it as a much larger financial institution—especially since they serve state and municipal employees statewide. That core constituency of state and municipal employees also dictated the importance of doubling down on their name. The big difference, though, was in the presentation of the credit union. The bold, dynamic new logo and saturated color palette serves as a foundation to underscore their value proposition—The freedom to prosper.
As part of the new brand and growth strategy, we encouraged CU of NJ to create a 7.50% Savings Account. Having a high-rate savings option for prospective members to get a financial boost was just what a good portion of CU of NJ's target demographic needed.
The result: This new high-rate savings account has become their primary gateway product for new members. The strategy and creative produced a wave of excitement for the Credit Union of New Jersey brand that gave rise to its bottom line.
By the numbers
August 2018-December 2019


New Members
August 2018-December 2019


7.50% High Rate Savings Accounts Opened
August 2018-December 2019


7.50% High Rate Savings Account Deposits
August 2019-December 2019

89 / $24M

Total Mortgages
The tagline “The Freedom to Prosper” not only spoke to the dreams of its target audience, but also highlighted the promise the credit union makes to its members every day. It doesn’t matter your financial status or in what country you were born.
The Freedom to Prosper is about giving everyone a place where they can feel respected and empowered to thrive. The strategy and creative produced a wave of excitement for the Credit Union of New Jersey brand that gave rise to its bottom line.
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