Giving hope.

Innovations FCU’s video campaign "Together Towards Tomorrow"

Innovations Federal Credit Union started in 1952 as a single desk drawer, located in a small office at the U.S. Navy Mine Countermeasures Station in Panama City Beach, Florida. It was not much, and founder E.L. Mann had no idea how much impact it would have in the future to the entire Bay County community.

Nearly 70 years later, Innovations FCU has developed into a significant stronghold for this community. Back in 2018 when the entire area was devastated by Hurricane Michael, Innovations’ top priority was to open as quickly as possible to serve their beloved membership. They achieved this, even as many of their team members put their personal lives on hold to do what was necessary to get the credit union open.

So, what happens when a community, still in their post-hurricane rebuilding process, must endure a global pandemic affecting everyone and everything around them? They stay vigilant, but they get proactive. As their name suggests, they innovate.

One of the biggest challenges of being a credit union is to establish strength and stability when the situation seems most dire and hopeless. This is why it was so important to stay positive and keep the Innovations name out in the community’s eye.

It was vital not to promote products and services, but rather, to portray their reliability, their stability, and their calm presence in the community—strong and ready to help.

This ultimately led to our developing what is called the "Together Towards Tomorrow" campaign that is currently running on television, digital streaming platforms, digital media channels and paid social media. This campaign focuses on the resilience and true grit of the Bay County community to work together and face any challenge.

The Bay County community has seen a lot of changes over the years and has faced some adversity along the way. But even a force of nature, like Hurricane Michael or the COVID-19 pandemic, cannot break the spirit of the people at Innovations who live, work and play there.

No one knows just what the future holds. But we do know that Innovations will be there, and we will be standing by their side to help day and night, through good times and bad. We are excited and proud to work with Innovations together towards tomorrow.