A warrior to the core.

From zero to core conversion in two weeks

There are dedicated credit union team members, and then there’s Mr. Livingood. Say hello to Travis, $154M Glacier Hills Credit Union’s Director of Marketing since 2012. You’d think with a last name like Livingood, life at his shop would be a walk in the park. You know, living the easy life. You’d be wrong.

The warrior's mantra: be flexible and adapt

If confronting the pandemic and ensuing business disruption wasn’t enough, Travis was tasked with leading their core conversion after Glacier Hills’ IT Director left early in January. This has been a responsibility made all the more challenging since he had never undertaken a project like this and had no prior experience with a core conversion. To compound matters, he had just a few weeks to get up to speed.

Now let us just say that having worked with three different CEOs in the last five years, Travis has learned to be flexible and to adapt. He has worn many hats through the years, even adding the role of IT Management for a year.

Rising to the challenge is part of the core mission

Projects of this magnitude require cool-headed thinking and a relentless can-do attitude. Travis has both—in spades. Tirelessly working 12 to 15 hours days, including many weekends, for weeks on end. From integrating high-level plans to planning for emergency scenarios. And, often working outside his comfort zone. But Travis is also a humble man. Never one to seek the limelight, he credits staff and the leadership team for the smooth transition.

The multi-month core expansion will be complete by the time you read this—early July. Much of the process going forward will be automated. Glacier Hill members can look forward to an even stronger financial cooperative for years to come. When CEO Tami Winkler was asked who has really stepped up through this conversion, without hesitation she named Travis.

Warriors come in all shapes and sizes, but they share a common trait: overcome adversity and rise to the challenge. Glacier Hills members can indeed look forward to living good, thanks to Travis. We salute him.